Third Sector media darlings

As I waited for my meeting with Matthew Thomson, formerly of SSE and now Chief Executive of the London Community Recycling Network, I opened up Third Sector magazine and was delighted to find:

– on the front page, SSE Fellow Dave Pitchford is kicking up a storm with his web-based organisation Intelligent Giving and their take on Children in Need (Four Things Wrong with Pudsey)

– then on the first inside page, above the article about the new Social Enterprise Action Plan (see previous post ), there is a photo of Ed Miliband, SSE Chief Exec Alastair Wilson and two of our current students, Darren and Tania….who won £1000 for their project at a Dragon’s Den event on Social Enterprise Day

– then (!), on the letters page, they printed my response to Nick Cater which I blogged about here (where you can also read the letter) almost in full and only with one mistake (the School for Social Enterprise rather than Entrepreneurs)…and it won letter of the week, no less, so I get to dispense £25 to a charity of my choice….an SSE student or Fellow, methinks

All good – next week, on I’m a Social Entrepreneur, Get Me In There……

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