SSE Yorkshire graduation video

SSE Yorkshire + Humber assembled a great group of social entrepreneurs for their first programme. Unfortunately I couldn't make their graduation a few weeks back, but here's a great video by one of the new SSE Fellows, Justine Gaubert, which does as good a summary of SSE's approach from a participant's perspective as I've seen. Enjoy.

SSE Yorkshire promo graduation from Justine Gaubert on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “SSE Yorkshire graduation video

  1. For a brief fleeting moment, I thought it was going to be a wholly positive comment :0)
    To engage slightly more constructively, could you expand slightly? For example,
    – affordable: to whom? fees not a barrier to any students currently, or do you mean to funders / investors / others? cost:benefit?
    – accessible: in terms of time commitment, audience diversity, online:offline, location? this could mean lots of things
    – scaleable: we’ve franchised, and tried to do so in a non-London centric way; do you suggest other methods of scaling, different approaches etc or do you mean simply scaling the numbers / more programmes and support interventions? scale of impact is our driver
    Thanks as ever…..