UPDATED: SSE student on Channel 4 on Secret Millionaire

Not much time to blog about this (or for you to read about it), but current SSE student Sabrina Ben-Salmi features on the Secret Millionaire this evening on Channel 4. You can catch it online via 4 On Demand if you miss it tonight (link to follow). Obviously, I can’t give away what happens, but suffice to say it is one of the most jaw-dropping episodes thus far….

UPDATED: Amazing stuff: Sabrina (described in thelondonpaper on my way home as "a saint") came across superbly, and got a laptop and £5k to continue her work. Oh yes, and a deposit on a house. I liked that the millionaire (Gill) emphasised the importance of looking after yourself as well as other people, often the central challenge for really committed social entrepreneurs.

For those wishing to know more about Sabrina’s work, see The Mobile Single Parent Project website

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2 thoughts on “UPDATED: SSE student on Channel 4 on Secret Millionaire

  1. I would like to know more infomation about the work that Sabrina Paul does working with single parents. How do I find this out please?…I would be interested in donating my time and experience to this cause.

  2. Thanks Debbie – have added Sabrina’s website in the above post. Contact details are on there. If you have any probs getting in touch (I have a feeling she may be quite busy!), feel free to come via us. I’m sure Sabrina will be interested in your kind offer.