SSE Student Bernadette Whelan conquers the Plinth!

If you happened to be at Trafalgar Square Monday morning, you undoubtedly caught the fabulous performance by SSE Liverpool student Bernadette Whelan on the Plinth. Bernadette was one of over 32,000 applicants chosen to be part of Antony Gormley's astonishing living
that throughout the summer has occupied the empty Fourth
Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London. A space normally reserved for
statues of Kings and Generals, participants become an image of themselves,
and a representation of the whole of humanity.B from afar

To see Bernadette's performance in its entirety, go to the archived recording on the One and Other website.

Bernadette, a singer, teaches performing arts in schools in the
and Merseyside regions as part of her business "Crescendo". She is developing this business as a student of the School
for Social Entrepreneurs in Blackburne House Liverpool, and will graduate in a few weeks with the 2008-09 cohort.

Picture 014

She is in the
process of working as a singing therapist with Alzheimers patients and
stroke survivors to enhance language and memory recall and hoping to
conduct clinical research as how this actually works and its benefits
for the NHS in terms of the health and wellbeing of patients.

As part
of this mission, she trains the children in the schools to act as mini
therapists with her
to encourage inter-generational and community contacts.

Everyone at SSE thoroughly enjoyed your performance today and we are really proud of you! Thank you Bernadette!

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