Social entrepreneurs: hard heads and high minds

Just a quick note to point out that Third Sector magazine has a feature on social entrepreneurs this week, which provides an interesting overview of the field of social entrepreneurship, and features SSE heavily (indeed, the title of the piece comes from our "for the high minded and the hard headed"strapline). As ever, featuring SSE heavily only makes it a more interesting read ;0) You can also view the article via the main SSE website.

There is also an interesting article by the indefatigable Laurence Demarco on the Senscot website (here), which also raises the question of placing too much emphasis on ‘heroic individuals’. This is something that sometimes gets thrown at the school, and we do believe in the capacity of the individual entrepreneur to lead and drive change (and that people make a model a success, and not the other way round), but our ethos is also firmly on group learning, peer support and networks of development.

That is why we feel the cohort of students going through the year-long programme are so important: for it to be a true learning journey, a colelctive experience and for those relationships to develop. More on different models of leadership another time….

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