Social Media Exchange and Black in Bangladesh

Just a couple of quick notices before the weekend:

– SSE Fellow Jude Habib is running the Social Media Exchange next Monday (26th), and it's got an increasingly great-looking line-up; if I could go, I would be, what with the following lined up to speak: Steve Bridger, Nick Booth, Nathalie McDermott (SSE Fellow), and people from Google, Guardian Unlimited, BBC, Cancer Research, Christian Aid and many more. Should be a great event. If your Monday is free, and you want to know more about that world of blogging, twittering, podcasting etc, this is the one for you.

– also, just a quick note to point to Liam Black's piece on Social Enterprise Magazine's website about his trip to Bangladesh. Much to enjoy, including a visit to Grameen Danone, the Barefoot College, and several near-death driving experiences.


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One thought on “Social Media Exchange and Black in Bangladesh

  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks very much for the blog about The Social Media Exchange. And for those of you who can’t make it we’ve got a treat in store for you.
    As you can – Listen in live to the Social Media Exchange on Monday 26th January– wherever you are in the world!
    The technical whizzes at Christian Aid (AKA Steven Buckley) have provided us with the technology to stream our lunchtime panel discussion and exclusive interview with the multi-award winning film director Ken Loach Live. And we want you and your networks to know about it.
    The Lunchtime Discussion takes place at 13.30 until 14.15 GMT
    “Its not the technology that matters – its what you do with it that counts”
    The panel includes:
    Scott Harris, Mother
    Clare Horton, Editor
    Steve Bowbrick Blogger in Residence BBC.
    Chair Steven Buckley, Christian Aid
    Our exclusive interview with Ken Loach takes place at 16.00GMT
    Please follow the instructions below to listen in live. The system does not require Christian Aid intranet access and almost anyone can listen.
    § The stream will begin around 5 minutes before the start of the event
    § Open Windows Media Player on your PC or Mac
    § Click file | open URL (if you can’t see the file menu, click CTRL + M)
    § Paste in this URL
    I’d like to thanks Steven Buckley at Christian Aid and the team there for sharing the technology and making this happen.
    Happy Listening! You’re feedback will be really appreciated. If you want any further information do get in touch.