Social Enterprise Awards 09

Brief note to say how enjoyable the Social Enterprise Awards were last week. Congratulations to all the winners (the full list of which you can check out here), but special congratulations to Bikeworks
which won the Best New Social Enteprise Award, and which was co-founded, and is jointly run by SSE Fellow Dave Miller. Well done to Jim, Dave and all the team at Bikeworks, topping off what has been an amazing year for them. There's a press release about the event here as well.

The event itself was served well from being a little more understated this year: a short, focused ceremony; David McQueen was a great host (and put up with both being called Steve during the event, and with me spilling my drink all over his tie); a fond farewell from Clare Dove to Jonathan Bland, thanking him for his contribution; and there were genuinely moving moments from two of the winners: Pack-IT Promotions and Brighter Future Workshop, both of whom reminded us of the social mission that drives and underpins this work, and of how much it means to be recognised for that work. Anyone who tells you awards aren't important should have been there to see John Bennett from Pack-IT step up on stage in recognition of what he's achieved over the last 21 years, and fight back the tears (as the audience did also). Kudos to "Queen of Events" Mamoona and team for organising, as ever.

After that, there was drinks aplenty, with a hardcore carrying on into the night at a local hostelry. In what has been a tough, transitional year for many (including those at the Coalition), some letting-of-hair down was only fair enough. Celebrations all round.

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