Social Enterprise Day 2007: aftermath / round-up

Just a quick list of links to some of the activity associated with that day (in addition to previous posts here and here):

Business link guide launched on "why social enterprise?"
Department of Health pack launched, signposting to support and guidance on setting up a social enterprise in the health and social care sector
– Five ‘think pieces’ commissioned by the Office of the Third Sector were published (authors include Jeremy Nicholls and Andrea Westall). See OTS website for the list + downloadable pdfs of each. I’ll try to give reaction to these as and when….
– OTS also gave an update on one year since the social enterprise action plan.
– The Welsh Assembly also got involved: announcing that it "is committed to strengthening the framework of financial and asset related support available to new and expanding social enterprises" in this press release

[NB – no credit to me: these are culled from the mighty VolResource newsletter]

Other related news / links?
– More health/social enterprise-related powerpoints from the Social Enterprise – A World Class Solution? event on the 15th.

– the Youth Social Enterprise Commission began, and has a blog

– the Social Firms Make Your Mark single went on sale (buy it from Wippit here)

Make Your Mark in 60 seconds chose its winner

Social enterprise is the new easy listening (?) according to the Telegraph; surely punk rock? :0)

– the Social Enterprise Coalition has its round-up

– and Ed Miliband poisoned Liam Black

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