Shine 2010: buy your tickets to the social entrepreneurs unconference

Been busy of late: usual end-of-year shenanigans here, with programmes graduating (see this article on London SSE), and new ones starting (see this article on SSE coming to Wigan and Leigh), a launch of an SSE feasibility study (with MaRS in Toronto), and lots of policy work (see the Social Entrepreneurs Manifesto) in the pre-election build-up.

Looking forward though, I'm very excited about this year's Shine 2010 unconference. Now entering its third year, Shine was set up by co-founders SSE, UnLtd, Ashoka and The Hub to create an event that was accessible, practical, dynamic and fun for grassroots + up-and-coming social entrepreneurs. No boring powerpoints, no long plenary sessions, no tedious speeches from sponsors, more questions and interaction, more peers + practitioners than experts, more networking, and more directly relevant stuff to help organisations move forward.

This year, from May 13th-15th is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever: but only with your help…and your presence. So buy your ticket below (about £50 for 3 days…and 2 parties!), and then click on the relevant links on the website to contribute your content, and shape your own programme. Like all the best things in life, you get out what you put in! Looking forward to seeing you all there; and follow for more updates.

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