Residential report 2: inequality in depth

One of the features at the residential last week was the appearance of expert witnesses speaking on particular topics (strategic planning, partnerships, inequality etc). We thought it would be useful to share these on the blog both for those students (and Fellows) who couldn't be there, and to a wider audience that might be interested.

The set of slides below are by SSE Chair Charlotte Young, who was speaking on inequality and its impact. This gives an overview of the state of the UK, possible reasons for that current situation, and some thoughts about approaches and interventions that might help tackle it.

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One thought on “Residential report 2: inequality in depth

  1. Nick Love your blog. It gives brilliant information that does not take hours to read and I can use the bits I need. It helps to capture the bits of info overload that I need for my business and understanding. with much gratitude for all your effort Sue Bell