Jolly good Fellows

A couple of SSE Fellows were in the other day, acting as expert witnesses for a session we were doing with potential social entrepreneurs. As ever, they both had good news about the work they are doing.

– Diye Wariebi runs Digibridge, a social enterprise providing ICT support and training to families, individuals, communities and organisations that wouldn’t normally get the chance (low-income, disadvantaged etc). Great project, and Diye is massively committed to helping include people in the digital and technological revolution. Despite him not naming SSE as his best training experience (for which he was duly chastised), it’s well worth reading this profile of Diye and Digibridge in Regen and Renewal.

– Sheenagh Day runs Maison Bengal, who we mentioned recently….so won’t add to much, except to say that their new website is up and running

More stories soon….

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