Is your website mainstream?

Noted today how the School of Everything (who live upstairs from us) blogged about how they hoped to see more people browsing on their website using Internet Explorer rather than Firefox, on the basis that this would demonstrate they are going ‘mainstream’. They then compare this to the Wikipedia breakdown of the average percentages of browser use.

This seems to me an eminently successful exercise, and a useful ‘finger-in-the-air’ assessment for whether you are just reaching white 30 year-old men who like reading Clay Shirky, watching TED video podcasts and twittering or friendfeeding every waking moment. You know who you are (he said, looking in the mirror). Wonder what the breakdown would be for all web 2.0 sites?

Not really applicable in SSE’s case, as we’re hardly web 2.0 (this blog aside), but happy to report that Google’s Analytics tells me we’re pretty much bang on the Wikipedia average: 71% Explorer, 22% Firefox, 6% Safari, a bit of Opera (so to speak) and then the odds and sods. Must attract more geeks to the site…. :0)

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One thought on “Is your website mainstream?

  1. I am not 100% sure whether lots of internet explorer users is a good or a bad thing but it gave me an excuse to look at our stats ( as well:
    78% Internet Explorer
    12% Firefox
    10% Safari (with a dash of Opera)
    Probably means I’m also getting a few more Mac users than you guys 🙂