Giant summer round-up: wedding, website, weekly

So this blog is taking a bit of a break over the rest of August, partly because this blogger is getting married (though not quite as ethically as fellow blogger Rob Greenland did). Many links to update you on, and a hello to all the new subscribers who’ve joined us over recent weeks. We’ll be back at the end of the month with more news and views: I’d love to hear any comments on this post about the type of things you’d like us to cover in the autumn.

– First up, the Social Enterprise Coalition have a new website. I know! They’ve discovered images and everything :0) More seriously, congrats to James and the team on what looks to be a good piece of work. It is a vast improvement: clearer, more vibrant, and more navigable than was the case previously. I’d have hoped for a bit more web 2.0-ness and interactivity, and that there might be a few more resources online in advance, but those are minor quibbles….and we’ll be uploading on our return.

Social Enterprise: the way forward? is a useful post on the Civitas blog about social enterprise in the health sphere (and the pros and cons / problems therein)

– Get ready to tear your hair out: three definitions of social enterprises from Venturesome…..

Every great business is an argument; oh yes it is; oh no it isn’t

– Have you got a "How can I make money?" or a "How can I save money?" mindset? And which is best in the midst of a credit crunch?

Wonderful post from Ambassador Peter Holbrook. Well, not really from him, but from one of Sunlight’s users: a genuinely moving post.

A social entrepreneur found David Cameron’s bike. Who would have thought….

Interesting discussion of where philanthropy meets business; getting a bit hot under the collar and personal as you scroll down the board….

– Have I linked to this before? Don’t know: SocialVibe

– Social Enterprise Magazine are launching a new weekly news bulletin called livewire

On that bombshell, and wishing you all a lovely summer, goodbye.

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2 thoughts on “Giant summer round-up: wedding, website, weekly

  1. Have a great wedding dance!
    We’ll do a repeat of the Insights lab on September 20th to close the London System Reload festival (during the London Design Festival)
    More on the Insights Lab
    More on System Reload:
    The o2 Global Network, founded in 1988, is an international network of designers-for-sustainability who share eco creative information and organize events such as System Reload. System Reload premiered in Milan during the Milan International fair in April this year and featured several leading eco creative minds from around the world.