Friday round-up: microcredit, RED, leadership, Harvard et al

Friday round-up, and there’s a fair bit after inactivity this week:

– good Worldchanging post on microcredit and the ongoing debate about how effective it is; the argument seemed to be saying that entrepreneurship and enterprising people were needed to change things: access to finance alone was not enough (which is undoubtedly an argument we’d hold to over here as well); well worth a read, and a topic that is not likely to go away…

Intelligent Giving follow up on the RED campaign (after it got a kicking in the press); not sure I totally agree with their take, but difficult to disagree with: "If you like RED products, buy them, but don’t pretend you’re giving to charity. We’re talking pennies here….." and they have some interesting information about the charity that benefits too….

– the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference has been happening; someone kindly rounded up those who were blogging from the event, though they did miss one or two other interesting posts. Both of which see progress or "the ball" moving forward….

– we attended the Third Sector Leadership Centre Provider Forum on Monday; we’re in their directory and they have an interesting interim report on action learning sets for third sector leaders (free registration needed); obviously we’ve been at that for a decade… ;0)

Yunus saves the world with yoghurt….

– …and We Are What We Do with a bag

On that bombshell, we bid you farewell for this week.

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