Friday round-up: enterprise, endowments and expansion

Quick social enterprise and social entrepreneurship round-up to end the week:

– Most interesting conversation of the week is over on Social Edge with the provocatively-titled debate 'Are the Only Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship Anglo-Saxon?'; kudos to Rod for kicking it off, and to others for some great comments

– On the eve of the OTS-DBERR, Byrne-Mandelson summit,, which I'll report on next week, a different taskforce recommends social enterprise staying where it is (and not returning to DBERR, or DTI as was); on balance, I think we'd agree with that….

– Other big news circulating is the Future Jobs Fund, and the intention to include charities and social enterprises amongst the deliverers; an example of the opportunities in this recession?

– Enjoyed 10 lessons from a failed start-up (if slightly techie)

A new kind of capitalism (Bill Gates / social entrepreneurship?) on BBC Business

– Umair Haque on the best business model in the world (short summary: "create something awesome"), which also introduces the neat powerpoint-busting presentation tool,

– I have to mention the Shine Unconference again: sessions are looking blindingly good: everyone from Bridges Ventures to Mother branding agency to What If to ourselves/UnLtd to policymakers to David Wilcox on collaboration to pitches for funding and much more….if you're anywhere near-ish to London next Friday/Saturday, you should get a ticket before they all go!

– More self-promotion: SSE plans global expansion article in Social Enterprise Mag, covering all the recent developments here at SSE towers…

– Craig Dearden-Phillips remains one of the most honest and articluate bloggers and writers out there; here's his recent take on the Art of Communication

– Two bits of news from the Office of the Third Sector of relevance: the targeted support fund (previously announced in the recession action plan) is open for business; arguably even more interesting is the local council created endowment fund in Essex

– I hesitate to do this but here's a link to How to Twitter for Social Entrepreneurship; I'll follow that up with a link to Rob Greenland's Three Things I Wish I'd Known post which includes "Sometimes the most entrepreneurial thing you can do is stop doing something"…..

Finally, I read somewhere this week: "A social entrepreneur can see the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower and hold infinity in the palm of his hand for eternity"; to which a few things occur to me: 1) hopefully a social entrepreneur can do stuff as well; 2) perhaps it might be 'her' hand as well? and 3) most social entrepreneurs at this point on a Friday are more interested in holding a glass of wine/beer in the palm of their hand (for as long as it lasts…).

Welcome to all the blog's new readers, especially those new SSE-ers in Sydney!

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2 thoughts on “Friday round-up: enterprise, endowments and expansion

  1. Nick
    Thanks for your VERY (and perhaps unfairly) kind words
    I thought it was good to discuss something a bit controversial, and I applaud Social Edge ( in carrying it–there were however times I feared people took the title literally, rather, as you will appreciate, that I thought innovation came from all over but that we Anglo-Saxons behaved as if we had a monopoly.
    One commentator on the Social Edge discussion forum was Samantha Morshed, an English woman who now lives permanently in Bangladesh and has built a great business there, Hathay Bunano ( who has just begun our “ClearlySo in Bangladesh” blog (see As you know, Nick, we desperately aspire to shine the light of attention onto social innovation in markets that get less attention (like the Balkans, Mozambique, Argentina, etc.)
    best regards, rod