Friday round-up: tips, Balkans, stock exchanges, Elders, hedge funds…

It’s Friday, and that can mean only one thing, a round-up of news, views and opinions:

Some top tips on starting a social enterprise…decent starting point for some thoughts

– Balkans blogging: Rod Schwartz finds social entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and across Eastern Europe

– Is Altruistiq (good name) the first non-profit stock exchange (or stock exchange for non-profits, rather…)? So it claims….

Community Champions, one of the few remaining (government) grant funds for individuals starting new projects, has closed….despite what New Start calls "a glowing evaluation"…

– …but there is £10m risk capital investment for those social enterprises a bit further on: have your contribution heard in the Office of Third Sector’s consultation

– Richard Branson is involved in the launch of the Elders and holds forth on entrepreneurship saving the world….

– Giving new lilfe to the phrase "hoary old chestnut", here’s an article entitled "Can Entrepreneurship be taught?"….very old ground, but fairly interesting if you are pondering ‘to MBA or not MBA’.

– As the stock markets collapse, check out the hedge funds creating new trusts/foundations….

– And finally, in a Family Fortunes-like poll of a 100 people, apparently social enterprise staff show more pride in their work than those in other sectors….our survey said that staff in the movement are more aligned with goals, and encounter less discrimination and harrassment

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