Friday round-up: entrepreneurs, ethiscores, e-stuff, etc

SSE is going on its residential this coming week: 90+ people descending from London, Liverpool, Fife, East Midlands, and Ireland to Dartington in Devon for a three-day learning session and networking. So don’t expect too much blogging before Thursday (although if I get a connection / time, I’ll try). Final swift run through news / links of interest…

– NESTA are running a series of articles from entrepreneurs (sponsored by BVCA: venture capitalists) which asks them that all important question, "what do you wish you’d known?" The first is from Peter Denyer (pdf).

– We often discuss scale on this blog, and the very few examples of successful scaling in this movement. So what happens to those ethical businesses who get taken over by the big players? Here’s an interesting article examining exactly that, and giving them an ‘ethiscore‘ for before and after takeover….

– More on technology and how online and offline need to work together: ‘Is the information society a community catalyst or community liability?’

– On the same subject: Netsquared UK might be in the offing (web 2.0 meets social innovation?), although what the "third sector is broken" means remains a mystery to me. Lots more written about this on the bloggers that Nick Booth links to….

– Apples are Square. Meaning, apparently, that leadership qualities have changed: from ‘control and compete’ to ‘service, humility, transparency, inclusiveness’. Check here for more.

– Much mention of the third sector in Parliament recently (my TheyWorkForYou alerts have been working overtime). VolNews points us to the debate about the third sector review, which apparently lasted 5 hours, and plucks out some highlights (Community Champions fund, or lack of therein, amongst them).

– Provocative title, shocking statistics, important debate: Philanthropy doesn’t care about black people

– And finally, the Times have an Enterprise Network...who will offer you advice and wisdom.

Have a great weekend…

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