Friday round-up: stocks, status spheres, standards, (my)space

The usual weekly round-up of links and posts of interest to social entrepreneurs….

– The Beacon Fellowship has announced its 2007 winners….

– SEC are starting up a BME social enterprise network, although it remains pretty fluid as to what it will look like / do currently, according to reports from the consultation

– This is an interesting blog post on New Start about "empowerment", and how it invariably stops in the offices of the local authority; same problem we were discussing in reference to this ‘triple devolution’ in a recent post about David Cameron, except I didn’t compare the problem to Chairman Mao….

Social stock exchanges: more than buzzwords?

– Is your business "Eco-Iconic"? Do you operate in a "Status Sphere"? No, well you should get trendwatching….

Social Enterprise Ambassadors update

Social enterprise kitemark being trialled: not the last we’ll hear of this, I’m sure….

– In a week where Beth Kanter and Michele Martin helped me with my blog / sharing posts on Facebook (see the footer of this post), MySpace’s Impact channel for non-profits kicks off with its UK wing, ImpactUK Haven’t had much chance to trial it yet….but let me know your thoughts…

– I got interviewed for an article on the Gateway 2 Investment site this week (London-based thing), which serves as good a reason as any to bring the site as a whole to your attention….

– The Northern Leadership Academy, despite me not being able to work out what it actually does, has an interesting list of the top 20 leadership sites….which has some gems and some things that look like random results from a search….

– I’ve been ploughing through the OTS-funded think pieces recently; and there’s more reading for the journey home now: Beyond the Cheque, a report from Rob John, on venture philanthropy and its potential value to social entrepreneurs

Have a good weekend…..

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