There’s a couple of acronyms to get our teeth into on a Friday afternoon: ones for the acronym-buster in due course.

– DUELISEF stands for Duke University Enterprising Leadership Incubator Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship. Oh yes. Brought to my attention by fellow blogger Audeamus who covers similar ground, but with more of an international leaning. Anyway, there’s an article from one of the ELI (as they shorten it) Fellows called a Discourse on Social Entrepreneurship which makes decent reading.

– CSR is more widely-known, of course, as corporate social responsibility (sometimes shortened to CR or changed completely to Corporate Community Investment…CCI). Thinking about it today because Business in the Community have announced their 2006 Awards for Excellence (in a teacherly manner, the winning companies get a Big Tick).

Marks and Spencers were the overall winners with SSE friends Happy Computers winning Small Company of the year, which is well deserved. See the full list here, which is, encouragingly, extraordinarily long!

I’ll be helping to judge the ‘Innovation’ award of CAF’s CCI awards in the next few months, which should be equally encouraging and inspiring, and bring many more examples to our attention….

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