Divine, not Ferrero Rocher….

As Thor mentions in his farewell post, the SSE hosted the Ambassadors programme yesterday. Always good to see all these amazing people: such a diverse bunch with diverse opinions, ideas, interests and organisations. I won’t repeat what Thor says in terms of what the day was about, but was a good day with a positive vibe. Clearly the programme is already having an effect on the profile of those involved, and gaining them access / giving them influence to promote the movement.

I had the graveyard slot, introducing the blogging (and why we’re using them on this programme), and thought the powerpoint I used might be  interesting. Having done a session with our students recently about how to avoid death by powerpoint (which started with the laptop not working), I tried to listen to my own advice. Here’s the presentation, as inspired by GapingVoid and 10 ways to a killer blog:

Also, finally, a huge thanks and sad farewell to our intern Thor, who’s been with us for a month that has flown by. Thor now heads back (via home in Norway) to St Olaf College in Minnesota, hopefully having enjoyed the experience here at SSE, and full of ideas for what could happen over there. We’re really hopeful that the links both with Thor and St Olaf will continue and develop over the months and years.

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