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Who said Xmas was a time of winding down? Hundred things to finish by the 23rd….and being bombarded with tweets about Rage Against the Machine and snow. Grrrr.

So, a brief post to point to a couple of great debates / conversations that have been happening on a couple of different blogs of late:

More on Call Britannia: when is a social enterprise not a social enterprise?  on the BSSEC blog which is an interesting-ish debate about the old definitions chestnut, but made more interesting by the organisation all the commenters were talking about entering into the fray….

Some final thoughts from Bangladesh is a slightly unpromising title for a great post by Liam Black which prompted quite a few comments and a healthy debate underneath. Perhaps because of the following line: "I will probably punch the first whinging social enterprise type I run
into back home who starts complaining about [government] cuts. Just build a fucking
business that can make money and help people. If you can’t do that go
and work for the council or a bloody RDA."

Both well worth reading, as they cover issues like scale, business models, government reliance, impact, ownership etc etc. Some of the healthiest, most interesting stuff I've read this year.

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4 thoughts on “Debates on the blogs

  1. I came across your blog – I am trying to research social franchises, and specifically to find examples of them in Canada, or BC. Do you know of any social franchises (or ‘products’ where someone is offering a program structure, training and promotional/brand materials?)

  2. Hi Emma – not off-hand. We’re hoping to come to Canada shortly, so hopefully we will be a social franchise in Canada (though possibly not BC to start with). I’ve put this out on Twitter to see if anyone has any ideas….