Comprehensive Spending Reviews

For the sector geeks amongst you, a good link here from Voluntary News, detailing various responses to the Treasury Comprehensive Spending Review re. the third sector. SSE also submitted a response, + fed into the London Third Sector Alliance response as well….

Whilst we’re in the political sphere, it’s also worth mentioning that there was a social enterprise supplement in the Observer this Sunday (though sadly not online, that I can see), organised by SEC and featuring many of the award-winners from the Enterprising Solutions event. There’s also an article by Ed Miliband which features the following:

"[Government] can help to build a culture of social enterprise. We want more people, from schools to boardrooms, to understand what the term means. Only by extending understanding of the concept can we inspire more people to become social entrepreneurs. We can ensure that social enterprises have the right advice. This starts with Business Links….but it also means encouraging specialist support agencies and the networks of successful social entrepreneurs"

Yes, yes and yes to that: broadening understanding of this movement… to encourage many more people to get involved in it…and encourage those networks and agencies that provide opportunities/support to those people.

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