Coffee time: Black Gold and Ethiopia

I’ve been meaning to blog about coffee for a while, ever since I found myself in Cafe Direct‘s cafe just off Oxford Street. I was reminded to do so this morning in a queue for the good stuff by the person in front of me who ordered a ‘soya latte with sugar-free hazelnut syrup….two shots’, to which the barista even smirked. Having wisely resisted the temptation to ask "and would you like some coffee with that?", I got thinking about coffee, how much I like it…and how guilty I should feel about drinking it.

One interesting post about this fairly recently (ish):
– Britt Bravo on Oxfam using flickr to advocate for Ethiopian farmers which is in turn connected to the film Black Gold (which I’m yet to see: any good, anyone? Or a TV documentary masquerading as film?), itself sponsored by none other than Cafe Direct. Britt’s post also mentions Green LA Girl, who previously set up a blogosphere Starbucks Fairtrade Challenge in which people asked Starbucks to live up to their promise of making any coffee with fairtrade coffee if you ask. Try it today….(congratulations to Shepherd’s Bush branch, who didn’t bat an eyelid).

More recently, she’s blogged about the extraordinary Starbucks vs Ethiopia trademarking stuff. Worth a read, particularly if you’re sitting over a fresh brew currently.

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