“Busy” does it at the SSE

SSElogoweb Over half way through our internship here at the SSE, and Matt and I just made the swap, sending me to work with the Policy & Communications branch of the SSE alongside our site supervisor Nick Temple and sending Matt to the back office to work with the Programmes team. 

Although the first couple days of transition have been a relative cesspool of work from both areas of the SSE, they have been rewarding nonetheless.  Currently in Programmes, I have more or less taken ownership of the keeping track of the attendance list for the Working with Young People learning session. This learning session will be bringing Director of London at London Youth Rosie Ferguson and twenty or so practitioners, SSE students, and SSE fellows together to discuss the ins and outs of working with our younger generation.  The event takes place next Tuesday 26 January 2010 here at the London SSE in Bethnal Green. Within the Policy & Communications field, I have been researching and recording important political networks for the respective franchises of the SSE.

The productivity of the employees here at the SSE head office continues to amaze me. With application deadlines and graduations approaching, the Programmes team (otherwise known as the “Back Office”) has been working diligently with a final recruiting push as well as confirming speakers, guest lists, and attendees for the upcoming festivities. In the front office, the work and deadlines do not subside.  Grant proposals, funding requests, and reports seem to be a major focus.  Administratively, Chief Executive Alastair Wilson, Network Director Suzanne Creasey, and Sustainability Officer Owusu Akoto have been in and out of the office attending meetings throughout the UK.

My interest continues to grow within the SSE programme and how they work with their students. In lieu of this interest, tomorrow I will have the opportunity to attend a learning session of the London SSE Weekly Programme that will be self-facilitated by the group itself.  Topics for the learning session include Secondary Networking, Making Links, and How to Work Collectively to Sustain Ourselves as Social Entrepreneurs. Check back soon for an update on the session itself!

There are other tasks for me to complete  other than blogging, so cheers from the SSE.


Applications for the London SSE Programme are due on 15 Feburary 2010. Contact Cynthia Quek at [email protected] for more details or visit www.sse.org.uk.

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