Sensecamp 2013

Hot on the heels of Oxford Jam is another great opportunity to connect with cutting edge social entrepreneurs, be inspired by their work and also participate in solving some of their most pressing issues: SenseCamp UK, Saturday 8th June 2013.

SenseCamp is a social business ‘unconference’ hosted by MakeSense, bringing together the passionate social entrepreneurs, avid social business enthusiasts and eagerly curious friends. After many successful events across the globe, SenseCamp UK is happening in London on June Saturday 8th 2013.

It will be a bar-camp style event for about 200 people, promising a full day of inspiring talks, interactive workshops, training and networking. Framed at both ends by social gatherings on the 7th and 9th to make sure bonds are reinforced over drinks and good music! A bar camp is a community-driven event where the agenda is mainly set by the participants. To host a session, anybody can pitch a topic in the morning, and call upon fellow attendees to join them in solving a specific problem or discussing a new project. The format’s flexibility allows conversations to continue, intensify or refocus as needed by the participants. It blurs traditional notions of speakers and listeners and creates a highly interactive experience of shared learning and development. It’s also wicked fun.

SenseCamp is organized by the global network of MakeSense (; a rapidly growing community of activists, entrepreneurs, technologists and professionals from all walks of life, passionate about the opportunity of social enterprise. Our community specializes in these highly participatory events in support of social enterprise, with SenseCampitself reflecting the flat-structure and entrepreneurship that the network embodies. The network mobilises the talents, skills and connections of this diverse and unconventional bunch (SenseMakers) to help solve the challenges of social business entrepreneurs. Over the course of three years, MakeSense has mobilized thousands of SenseMakers, who in turn have supported 400 social entrepreneurs in 40 different countries.

Part of the network’s passion is to found hubs of activity around the world. The London“HotSpot” has been active for 2 years, but now we want to inspire, incubate and sustain HotSpots elsewhere in the UK through our HotSpot Kickstarter programme running in parallel to SenseCamp. To do this we’ll be explicitly looking to bring diverse groups of social enterprise lovers to London for the 8thJune from around the country to share in our tools, skills and connections. We’ve already worked with social entrepreneurs in Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, and Bristol – but we want to take it further – embedding our methodologies and inspiring action all over the country. The programme will enable attendees to create dynamic communities of social entrepreneur enthusiasts in their backyard, catalyze local social innovation, and develop new tools for creative and participatory problem solving. Kickstarting will begin at SenseCamp, but it will be the start of a engagement with MakeSense. Post-Camp we’ll help you in-situ and online, start-up a HotSpot in your own city, and lead events. We’re welcoming applications to this new programme from around the country. Head to the Tumblr for more info!

To sum up, why go?

*Voice your project and attract more fans

*Meet social entrepreneurs and help solve their challenges

*Connect with people from your local community

*Discover the MakeSense project & the SenseMakers

*Keep inspired to continue your own journey

*Get training and connections to kickstart new MakeSense HotSpots

*Mix networking and partying at the end of the day

The participants, a mix of new entrants and leaders in the sector, will be coming from all over the UK and from all over Europe!


Mark your calendars and visit to get your tickets and apply to the HotSpot KickStart programme.

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