6 of the Best: recent social entrepreneur reading

RulesexperienceHere's half a dozen recent posts and articles from experienced folk, well worth a read if you're in the social entrepreneurship world:

Craig Dearden-Phillips on public speaking: "….Step two is to watch carefully how people are responding. Do they look
bored – if they do, change gear, forget the plan. One person will
always be sleeping. Ignore this if others look ok. The odd person will
also suddenly get up and leave. Again don't worry – they are normally
taking a call or a pee. The overall mood is what matters."

Canadian social entrepreneur Al Etmanski on the importance of reciprocity:"We ignore reciprocity at our peril.  It
is no surprise social breakdown and diminished civic involvement
coincides with our economic troubles.  Reciprocity creates and
strengthens relationships and social networks. It is the foundation of
associational life of social life"

Nat Whittemore on Gates and Buffett's billionaire pledge: "I want these billionaires committed to the movement to change the world
for good, but the broader societal conversation we have to be having
can't just be about "giving back." It has to be about the very nature
of wealth creation, and the opportunity for the proto-Gateses and
Buffetts of the world to build lives of meaning, value, and yes
material wealth with a more integrated approach to social change from
day one."

Liam Black on staying focused on the core values of your business: "If you are running a real social enterprise don’t be distracted. Stay
focused on your customers, your cash and your colleagues. Anything else
at this time is a risky indulgence."

Anna Coote of New Economics Foundation on Big Society: "Co-production is an idea whose time has come. Co-production…builds local networks and strengthens the capacity of local groups. It draws upon the direct wisdom and experience that people have about what they need and what they can contribute, which helps to improve well-being and prevent needs arising in the first place"

Jeffrey Bradach on Scaling Social Impact (in SSIR): "Fifteen years ago, I started doing research on the challenges of
taking nonprofits to scale. The topic was still under the radar both
in the university and out in the field. My focus was growth through
replication, and when I presented papers and case studies, nonprofit
audiences often dismissed the ideas as “too corporate.” As one
audience member said to me:
“We are not McDonald’s. You cannot
use a cookie cutter to replicate the work we do.” "

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