Social networking for good 2.0

Have been meaning to write more about the proliferation of web 2.0 tools and social networking/philanthropy stuff, but every time I did, something else got launched or brought to my attention. Anyway, recent news includes:

LinkedIn for Good
– this article on social networking / non-profits (by NCVO’s Foresight Project)
Facebook partnering with Project Agape
[incidentally, Facebook appears to have hit a tipping point in the last few weeks amongst my circle of friends….strange how these things suddenly kick in]
– you also have the ever-readable Steve Bridger on ‘Priming the widget response network‘, a title to get anyone excited, methinks
– there’s also, Zaadz (what is it with z’s and a’s?) and
– Beth Kanter on Personal fundraising in Second Life
– and finally, and arguably most interestingly, Bring Light has launched: "Bring Light is a place for you to find causes you care about, dialogue
with charities and the community, and collaborate to fund a specific
project". Check it out in beta.

That should cover it then….

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