Meet our students

Short interviews with some of the inspirational social entrepreneurs we've supported. Read about the impact they're having and what they think of SSE.

Fellows’ stories

Maison de Choup recording a podcast with TheHorseCourse CEO Harriet Laurie and one of their Trustees Dr Nick Kosky.

Harriet Laurie, TheHorseCourse

"If you’re lucky enough to get onto an SSE programme, fully embrace it"

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Simon Rudd, Outrageous Ambition

"None of this would have been possible if I had limited my aspirations."

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Fellow School for Social Entrepreneurs

Madeline Alterman, Artbox London

"I would and have recommended SSE to others – what’s not to love about this level and quality of support?"

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Rebecca White, Your Own Place

"Meeting so many social entrepreneurs enables not just comparison, but opportunities to weigh up and consider different models of delivery."

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Max Price, Proud2Be

"The support that I was able to receive and offer to people who were experiencing similar challenges, fears and had the same driving passion was a lifeline."

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Social Enterprise Edinburgh Tool Library

Chris Hellawell, Edinburgh Tool Library

"Nobody has a perfect plan when they start out, but the SSE course helps you to see where you can improve and make your business the best it can be."

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Founder of The Bike Project, Jem Stein

Jem Stein - The Bike Project

"The SSE is a unique environment which has provided me with the funding, the network, the skills, and, most importantly, the inspiration to scale up The Bike Project."

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Social Entrepreneur founder of Happy Go Cooking

Sky Glover, Happy Go Cooking

"SSE created a family for me to be a part of and the support continues."

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Andy Ross, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of New Caledonian Woodlands

Andy Ross, New Caledonian Woodlands

"The Scale Up Programme was the single best form of support I have had in the ten years I have been running New Caledonian Woodlands."

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Social Entrepreneur founder of Evenbreak

Jane Hatton, Evenbreak

"SSE was there at a vital part of Evenbreak’s growth and I am indebted to the sponsors, staff and fellow students."

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