Meet our students

Short interviews with some of the inspirational social entrepreneurs we've supported. Read about the impact they're having and what they think of SSE.

Fellows’ stories

Social Entrepreneur founder of Bounceback Food

Duncan Swainsbury, Bounceback Food

"Our achievements so far wouldn’t have been possible without the SSE."

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Social Entrepreneur founder of Little Miracles

Michelle King, Little Miracles

"The School for Social Entrepreneurs have given us the skills to manage the scaling process in a safe and sustainable way."

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Junior Smart, SSE Fellow and founder of SOS Gangs

Junior Smart, SOS Project

"SSE was a great learning experience for me. I was encouraged to look in ways I had not previously thought to look before."

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Social Enterprise Peloton Liverpool

Daniel Robinson, Peloton Liverpool

"For a start-up it’s a depressing world out there at times. The School for Social Entrepreneurs is the antidote."

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Social entrepreneurs Open Barbers

Greygory Vass, Open Barbers

"The School for Social Entrepreneurs has been an invaluable source to bringing Open Barbers into existence."

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Davie Parks from The Skill Mill

Davie Parks, The Skill Mill

"The School for Social Entrepreneurs has been key to our success and helped develop The Skill Mill from a dream into reality."

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A beneficiary of IDS Services enjoys a day out at a farm

Ilva Rollason, IDS Services CIC

"It was great hearing from more experienced social entrepreneurs and having them share their stories during the witness sessions, it really helped me to put my experiences into context."

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Matt Kitson outside one of his social enterprise community cinema events

Matt Kitson, Driftwood Cinema

"Without the programme and support that the School for Social Entrepreneurs has provided my idea would probably still be just that."

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Social Entrepreneur Jo Salter holds one of the items for sale via Where Does it Come From? An ethical clothing brand

Jo Salter, Where Does It Come From?

"Being in a room with a bunch of inspiring, determined entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place is a wonderfully positive and sharing experience."

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Rianna Raymond-Williams, founder and managing director of Shine ALOUD CIC

Rianna Raymond-Williams, Shine ALOUD UK CIC

"The most valuable part of the programme has been the witness sessions. It’s so refreshing to hear from social entrepreneurs in the field and learn about their experiences."

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