Meet our students

Short interviews with some of the inspirational social entrepreneurs we've supported. Read about the impact they're having and what they think of SSE.

Fellows’ stories

Jordan Butler, founder of Heavy Sound CIC

Jordan Butler, Heavy Sound CIC

Meet the social entrepreneur using music & creativity to engage disadvantaged young people.

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Jamie Tresidder, founder of SPARC

Jamie Tresidder, SPARC

Providing access to sport & physical activity to people facing barriers.

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Debra Nicholson, Wind Energy Museum

From a background in banking to running a windmill museum.

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Jonathan Beebee, founder of PBS4

Jonathan Beebee, PBS4

Meet the social entrepreneur whose severe head injury changed his life's direction.

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Josh Turner, Stand4Socks

“Hearing real experiences, instead of having a lecture on the importance of cash-flow, was brilliant.”

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Jen Gale, Ethical Business Coach

Jen Gale, Ethical Business Coach

Meet the vet-turned-businesswoman.

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Adil Mohammed Javed, Alchemy Arts

Adil Mohammed Javed, Alchemy Arts

Using the arts to help disadvantaged groups in the North West express themselves.

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Frankie Graham, founder of Betknowmore UK

Frankie Graham, Betknowmore UK

Meet the man using his own experience to tackle gambling-related harm.

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Indie Flynn, Square Peg

Indie Flynn, Square Peg

The social entrepreneur using animation to help children with special needs and from challenging backgrounds.

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Katie Buckingham, Altruist Enterprises

The Midlands based social entrepreneur tackling mental health (and delivering TEDx Talks in her spare time...)

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