Meet our students

Short interviews with some of the inspirational social entrepreneurs we've supported. Read about the impact they're having and what they think of SSE.

Fellows’ stories

Claire Prosho, founder of Claire's Transgender Talks, sitting down and smiling for the camera.

Claire Prosho, Claire's Transgender Talks

Helping others understand transgender identities and the issues faced by the transgender community.

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Navedia Young outside 198 Contemporary Arts where the School for Social Entrepreneurs held the Igniting Change in Lambeth Programme graduation.

Navedia Young, Neurodiversity Learning

Running workshops for neurodiverse students in mainstream schools focusing on their social skills and anxiety levels.

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The two beneficiary groups that Creative Generations works with: an older woman, and a young child.

Kara Thompson, Creative Generations

The social entrepreneur bringing children and older people together to share stories and create art.

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Sara Marsh, SSE fellow and manager of Treverbyn Community Hall, standing in front of the social enterprise's logo

Sara Marsh, Treverbyn Community Hall

Meet the social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming Treverbyn Hall into a thriving community space.

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Steven Platts, founder of Groundswell

Steven Platts, Groundswell

Enabling people experiencing homelessness to take more control of their lives.

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Founder of ReapShares, Eric Owusu, with a product from the social enterprise

Eric Owusu, ReapShares

Empowering the women of northern Ghana to become experts in shea-butter production.

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Marnie Rose, founder of charity The Garden Classroom

Marnie Rose, The Garden Classroom

Meet the social entrepreneur helping urban children and adults connect with nature.

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Volunteers and local community enjoying Scotswood Natural Community Garden

Karen Dobson, Scotswood Natural Community Garden

Nature-based interventions that improve mental and physical health and strengthen community relationships.

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CEO of The Dorothy Parkes Centre, Robert Bruce, with award

Robert Bruce, The Dorothy Parkes Centre

The community centre that won Outstanding Community Organisation Award 2019 for Smethwick.

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Photo of Lisa, founder of Talking Heads

Lisa Lea-Weston, Talking Heads

The social entrepreneur supporting key educators in schools to improve their wellbeing.

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