Match Trading

An innovation in grant-funding that incentivises growth through trading

What is Match Trading (also known as Match Trade)?

It’s a beautifully simple concept. Match Trading® is grant-funding that pound-for-pound matches an increase in income from trading. (It is also known as Match Trade.)

This animation explains Match Trading in 90 seconds.

By rewarding sales growth, Match Trading grants incentivise social organisations to develop their trading base, so they can build stronger futures.

Match Trading grants were created by the SSE from 20 years of experience of helping people to create sustainable change in their communities.

We’ve created Match Trading with the support of pioneer partners Lloyds Banking Group and The National Lottery Community Fund  and development is overseen by a Task Force of 20+ leading funders and social-sector organisations.

What’s the impact of Match Trading?

Launched in 2017, Match Trading grants have been awarded to over 500 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations as part of SSE learning programmes.  Latest evaluation shows

  • Social impact organisations incentivised by a Match Trading grant are increasing their income from trading at 2.5 times the pace of those supported by a traditional grant.
  • Data from three completed Match Trading programmes demonstrates that the approach supports at least a 64% uplift in trading income within one year, and that this uplift is sustained in subsequent years.
  • A control group study by Power to Change revealed that Match Trading grants drive an increase in income from trading as a proportion of total revenue – a 9.5 percentage point shift in this ‘trading ratio’ compared to traditional grants.

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Programmes in partnership with Power to Change, Rank Foundation, Lloyds Banking Group, the Scottish Government, Guys and St Thomas Charity, The National Lottery Community Fund and Access Foundation have enabled further understanding of the impact it is already having.

That said, Match Trading is a new innovation, so there’s still lots to figure out. SSE is committed to exploring Match Trading’s potential applications and limitations. We’re keen to work in collaboration with partners to pilot Match Trading further. Click here to find out more.

Interested in Match Trading and Trade Back?

Funders, corporates and social sector organisations interested in partnering with SSE in a Match Trading programme can email [email protected]

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For social entrepreneurs:

You can access Match Trading grants as part of selected SSE programmes.

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