Match Trading impact stories

Helene Virolan, Girls Into Coding

Girls Into Coding (GIC) is a social enterprise founded and led by Avye, a now 15-year-old multi-tech award winner, and her mother Helene. Their overarching objective is to champion gender diversity and challenge stereotypes in STEM.

Co-founder Helene Virolan says:

 “I’ve benefited from a support network that helped me to strengthen my confidence, resilience, and leadership. The varied support sessions (group and expert) allowed me to consider a range of perspectives and strategies in order to reinvigorate the marketing of the company and to grow our community.” 

The Match Trading grant allowed me to explore new perspectives and strategies to develop myself and the business.” 

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Felicia Boshorin, Spring Community Hub

Food is a human right. Spring Community Hub exists to make sure no one in Southwark, south London goes hungry. But they don’t just provide food. They work alongside people to help them escape food poverty, build confidence, find community and employment.

  • Income pre and post programme: £22,787 > £184,028
  • Ratio of trading income to other income pre and post programme: Zero traded income to 6% traded income
  • Traded income pre and post programme: Zero to £11,882
  • SSE programme: Health and Wellbeing Trade Up programme, in partnership with Guys & St Thomas’ Charity. 2019-20.

Founder Felicia Boshorin says:

“The programme and grant made me a better leader. It made me identify other income sources so that we’re sustainable.  We don’t need to worry about the future. It shifted our focus from a reliance on funding to a model bolstered by trading. Trading allows us to plan ahead, and it makes us more sustainable, we can keep our staff and volunteers and continue to have an impact in the community.”

Read their Impact Report here

Read the full case study here

Melissa Nobrega, Caring Cooks of Jersey

Caring Cooks of Jersey aims to combat childhood obesity, diabetes and tooth decay on the island of Jersey. It offers healthy school meals and free meals to low-income families, as well as running nutrition education programmes.

  • Income pre and post programme: £12,965 to £272,808
  • Ratio of trading income to other income pre and post programme: 100% traded income.
  • SSE programme: Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Scale Up Programme 2019, jointly funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Founder Melissa Nobrega says:

“It’s down to SSE and the Match Trading grant that I’ve learnt about financials and how to scale up the business.  We are currently 11 staff and we’ll be 36 by the end of 2020.  We’ve scaled our organisation three-fold since I started the programme.”

Read the full case study here

Simon Redding, Monkey Park CIC

Monkey Park CIC in Brampton, Chesterfield is a diverse hub, run by and for the local community – providing a home to a bike project, café, and work-space.  It provides jobs, friendships, training, qualifications and improved mental wellbeing to a community in transition.

  • Traded Income pre and post programme: £40,984 to £56,051
  • Ratio of trading income to other income pre and post programme: 23% to 49% traded income (1:4 to 1:2 ratio)
  • SSE programme: Community Business Trade Up Programme, in partnership with Power to Change. £10k Match Trading grant

Founder Simon Redding says:

“The Community Business Trade Up programme and Match Trading grant combination allows you to try things as it’s unrestricted, and it gives you the education to enable you to do those things.”

Read the full case study here

Joyce Murray, Grace Chocolates

picture of luxury chocolates made by Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolates support women who have touched the Scottish criminal justice system on their journey towards fulfilling employment. They produce and sell high-end chocolates to support women to improve and enrich their CV and their self-esteem.

  • Income pre and post programme: £107,101 to £142,119
  • Ratio of trading income to other income pre and post programme: 27% to 48% traded income (or 1:4 to 1:2 ratio)
  • SSE programme Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Trade Up Programme, jointly funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (2021).

Founder Joyce Murray says:

“Our impact has changed because of COVID, there have been so many variables. But we did well, and our trading meant we could access the full grant, which was great. We were fortunate to be in a strong position.”

Read the full case study here

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