Our strategy

2022-25: Igniting the social economy

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How we’ll get there: Igniting the social economy

Over the past 25 years, SSE has supported 5,000+ social entrepreneurs across four continents.

Our strategy 2022-25 builds on this experience and expertise. It also marks an important new beginning.

Igniting the social economy is now our driving force.

This strategy outlines how we’ll work with individuals, enterprises, partners and governments. Together, we will have a transformative effect on local communities and the big challenges of our age.

The social economy is a movement of organisations and enterprises that prioritise people and planet. Together, they are committed to tackling the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time.

2.8m social-economy organisations in Europe; £60bn value of social enterprise to UK GDP; 2m social enterprises in India; 5% of UK jobs are within social enterprises

A large group of smiling people

One of our cohorts of social entrepreneurs in India

Our three priorities

To ignite the social economy by 2025, we will:

1. Ignite entrepreneurship in communities

To achieve social & economic renewal.

We believe people who live in a place know best how to improve it. We have +25 years’ expertise in equipping people to create positive change within their communities. We know this approach works.

2. Accelerate social innovation

To tackle systemic challenges in society.

Humanity is facing a myriad of economic, social and environmental crises. Thanks to the diverse range of people we reach, we can discover and champion the most innovative solutions to large-scale challenges. This includes social entrepreneurs tackling challenges such as homelessness, financial insecurity and climate change.

3. Harness our network and insights

To influence policy and practice.

The social economy needs the right conditions to grow. Alongside the support we offer entrepreneurial leaders, we will collaborate with policymakers and other practitioners to enable the social economy to thrive.

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Download ‘Igniting the social economy: Strategy 2022-25’ to explore how we’ll create impact in the next three years:

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Supporting the SDGs

To frame our work in the next three years, we have planned longer-term. Our work in the next three years will help us contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals icons: 4 - quality education; 8 - decent work & economic growth; 10 - reduced inequalities; 13 - climate action