The 2022 Rank Foundation RISE Trade Up Programme

RISE Trade Up 2022 is designed to enable social enterprises to play a strong part in re-building a more inclusive economy, combating isolation and fostering community resilience in Plymouth. We’ll support you to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes you need to develop your enterprises and deepen your social and/or environmental impact. And you’ll do it all as part of a safe and supportive group of like-minded peers.

Key benefits:

  • Strengthen your organisation with our free learning programme: Eight days of learning; Three Action Learning Sets; Three 1-1 coaching sessions; a business review panel with experts between June 2022 and June 2023.
  • Receive up to £10,000 Trade Back grant* that supports your recovery from the Covid pandemic.
  • Gain a network of peers, who will help you develop your plans and act as a sounding board.
  • Participants become a member of the Plymouth RISE steering group, as well as RankNet, the community platform which enables them to contact and connect with Rank funded projects across the UK, and to access ongoing opportunities (bursaries, sharing good practice events etc.), blogs, training and other events. 

Our programmes are based on peer and action-learning. We’re definitely not about textbooks and teachers. Instead, we help you to get the headspace you need to map out next steps, with the support of other leaders facing similar challenges.

Who should apply?

The programme is designed for leaders of social purpose organisations which are based in Plymouth or carry out the majority of their operations in Plymouth, Devon.

The organisation should be already generating income and planning to grow its sales and trading income by at least £10,000 by March 2023. We welcome applications from young organisations under 5 years old and also older organisations that are planning to grow a new project or change their business model. 

Blue box with quotes. The learning programme gave us the buzz again and made us feel like we’re part of the big picture. Being a part of the trade up program has given us a place at the table in our own right and that has been phenomenal for our business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your organisation is helping to solve deep rooted social and environmental problems in Plymouth.
  • Directly benefiting Plymouth communities and people:
  • Most of the activity you are applying for, must be based in Plymouth. Ideally your organisation should be based in the Plymouth City Council area, but other organisations may be considered.
  • Active for at least one year, even if not constituted for all of this time.
  • Legally constituted or will be before the programme starts. Ideally it is a not-for-profit organisation, though we will consider applications from other types of organisation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Plans for growth in sales. You should be planning to increase sales and trading over the next 12 months. Ideally your organisation will be an early stage organisation, under 5 years old, or an older organisation that is developing a significant new project or changing its business model.
  • Leaders of your organisation. You must be a leader of the organisation or project and committed to attending the 14 days of the programme. Leaders are those who hold the vision for the project, and who have the ability to make strategic decisions about it.
  • Able to commit. You must be able to commit to 14 days Learning Programme, and also to attend and participate in the quarterly Rank Foundation RISE Steering Group

When and where does RISE Trade Up take place?

All learning takes place between June 2022 and March 2023. Sessions will be held in person in locations around Plymouth, Devon. 

How do I apply?

Applications are now closed for this programme


If you have any questions, or need further support to supply, please email [email protected] or call us on 0203 9053 533. We will be happy to assist you or provide a more suitable format. 

Our commitment to inclusion

We recognise that discrimination of all sorts infiltrates every part of our society, and we are working hard to counter that wherever we find it. To that end, we actively encourage applications from people of all faiths, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic circumstances and backgrounds, as well as those from disabled communities. No educational qualifications are needed to join our programmes. Reasonable adjustments regarding accessibility will be made to ensure all are welcomed onto the programme. Please get in touch – we’re happy to talk things through.

The Trade Back grant

Our Trade Back grant helps organisations to get back on track following the Covid-19 crisis. We also want to support you to improve your financial sustainability by increasing your income from trading and sales.

You can read more about our innovative Match Trading and Trade Back grants here