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A cheerful group of women enjoying an SSE course

Fully funded online and face to face sustainable business courses for Women in Wiltshire and Hampshire

Running a business that helps people or the environment? Want to grow your income and impact? Need space and structure to update your strategy?

What have I learned from the AWE programme? So many different things ranging from how to develop my ideas, how to plan around them, how to market, how to use social media better, how to manage money better both personally and professionally, how to move things forward, where my weaknesses lie and lots more.

What’s on offer?

Nuts & Bolts

You can learn practical skills such as finding funding, marketing a business that helps the community or the environment, and how your work can achieve positive change. Click the button to apply for scheduled places in Hampshire, or use the form to express your interest in attending these sessions in Wiltshire and Dorset.

Apply for Nuts & Bolts in Hampshire


Nuts & Bolts sessions Hampshire Wiltshire  Dorset 
1 – Understanding the market 13 January 2023 Dates to be confirmed Dates to be confirmed
2 – Customers and competitors 20 January 2023 Dates to be confirmed Dates to be confirmed
3 – Building your brand 27 January 2023 Dates to be confirmed Dates to be confirmed
4 – Managing money and risk 3 February 2023 Dates to be confirmed Dates to be confirmed
5 – Improving personal effectiveness 10 February 2023 Dates to be confirmed Dates to be confirmed


Weekend Residentials

Two day long accelerator courses focussing on how to increase impact or grow your business, with overnight accommodation provided.

Fill out our enquiry form to find out about timing and locations as soon as they’re released.


Peer Networking and Mentoring

We can help establish supportive professional relationships for people who attend our Weekend Residentials to help their businesses thrive.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about any course content and joining: [email protected] or  020 3905 3535

Or fill out the form below to express your interest in Nuts & Bolts in Hampshire and Wiltshire, or our Weekend Residentials, and we’ll get back to you.


Sofa Sessions

Applications are now closed for these introductory online group training and coaching sessions in Wiltshire and Hampshire. Opportunities could be extended to Dorset – please express your interest via the form and look out for announcements soon.


AWE 2022-3 EOI

Expression of interest for Accelerating Women's Enterprise in 2022-3

Accelerating Women’s Enterprise (AWE) is a collaborative project to help women living either side of the English Channel to increase their skills and develop their business ideas and knowledge.

Hear more about students’ experiences on the AWE website.


Am I eligible?

These courses are for people who identify as women, or are non-binary and comfortable being part of a course primarily for women.

We are hoping to deliver Sofa Sessions and Nuts and Bolts workshops for people who live in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. This online support is intended for those who live in the county where sessions are delivered. If you live outside these areas, please contact us before applying.

Peer Networking and Mentoring would be available to participants who want to take the next step.

There are priority places for people with less privilege or perceived as disabled, from low-income backgrounds or racialised and minoritised communities – and for people and organisations supporting these groups.

If you face financial barriers to applying, get in touch with Fliss to see if we can help: [email protected] or  020 3905 3535

If you are not eligible, try searching SSE’s other courses, or download the AWE Legacy Toolkit for more independent learning.

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Courses are provided by our teams in the South West and Hampshire, in partnership with YTKO. AWE is supported by the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme, which is contributing over €2.6m of European Regional Development Funds to address economic and social issues in regions either side of the Channel.

Through this collaborative, cross-border approach, we seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of support to socially or economically disadvantaged and under-represented groups and to address the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship.

The AWE project aims to:

  • create new learning content
  • train women entrepreneurs
  • recruit and train more mentors
  • help women to start new businesses
  • conduct new research on women’s entrepreneurship

Find out more on the AWE website.