Wigan Social Innovators in Health and Wellbeing Programme

Supporting social enterprises to tackle health inequalities through cycling and walking

Applications Open

Have you, or do you plan to, set up a social enterprise that aims to use walking and cycling initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of Wigan residents?

This brand-new free programme, in partnership with Wigan Council, aims to inspire travel change across Wigan and will help budding social entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with an interest in this area to develop stronger partnerships, understand barriers and increase opportunities for co-designing cycling and walking initiatives to address health and wellbeing inequalities.

Key benefits:

  • Free support programme made up of 10 days of blended learning (face-to-face and online) spread over seven months
  • Four days of Action Learning 
  • A community of like-minded people to meet regularly with and gain support and work through challenges together

How do I apply?

For guidance notes and the application form Click Here.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility

We recognise that discrimination of all sorts infiltrate every part of our society, and we are working hard to counter that wherever we find it. To that end, we actively encourage applications from people of all faiths, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic circumstances and backgrounds, as well as those from disabled communities. No educational qualifications are needed to join our programmes.

Reasonable adjustments regarding accessibility will be made to ensure all are welcomed onto the programme. Please get in touch – we’re happy to talk things through.

Contact Lisa Mairah for any questions [email protected]

What do we mean by encouraging people to cycle or walk?

We’re looking to work with entrepreneurial individuals who want to set up or develop projects and social enterprises with a principal mission to get more people cycling and walking in Wigan.

We anticipate that these organisations may provide some of the following services, products or activities:

  • Cycle hire
  • Cycle repair schemes
  • Recycling / up-cycling bicycles
  • Walking groups
  • Cycle delivery schemes
  • Cycling groups
  • Cycling lessons
  • Community cycling initiatives
  • Improvements to cycling safety
  • Walk and Talk services
  • Cycle parks / tracks

This list is not exhaustive or exclusive.

What if I have particular needs which may prevent me from fully taking part in the learning programme?

If you have any particular needs or there are any barriers that may prevent you from taking part in the programme, do talk to us about this. We are keen to provide an inclusive learning programme to enable people to participate.

What happens if my project will work with children, young people or vulnerable adults?

In order to receive a place of the programme you may be required to show that you are following good practice on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, including having an up to date safeguarding policy and procedure in place, which includes getting enhanced checks for people who require them.

Can I apply if I have already been on a School for Social Entrepreneurs Programme?

In general, you are welcome to apply if you have had training and support from SSE in the past. But you cannot be on two learning programmes that are longer than six months at the same time.

What about Data Protection?

SSE is committed to protecting your personal information and acting in line with your rights under data protection laws and will treat all data in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

SSE will collect and use personal information provided by you in this form or separately, or which we otherwise lawfully obtain about you. We may use this information for:

  • processing your application and managing the selection process for the programme
  • conducting due diligence on you and your organisation as part of that process

This includes contacting you about the workshop or programme which you are applying for by phone or email.

If your application is successful, we may also use your information for:

  • managing your participation in the programme
  • monitoring your progress and the impact of the programme
  • sharing and promoting your story and the story of your social enterprise
  • other lawful reasons

We may share your information with our funders and partners for monitoring and reporting purposes. They will also only use your information for the reasons outlined above.

Further details, including how we share your information and your rights relating to our use
of your information, can be found under our Data Protection Notice.

We ask you to provide your Equal Opportunities details. You are not required to give these and you may opt out. However, it is helpful for our future development and marketing that you provide this information. It can also help us to identify ways in which we can provide specific support to those who need it, for example applicants who may require additional support to attend interviews or participate fully in the programme.