Apply now: Wigan Social Innovators in Health and Wellbeing Programme

Important information for applicants

Recruitment: Our recruitment process is planned to be fully online, including applications and interviews, in the wellbeing of each other currently.

Eligibility criteria: We will consider the impact of Covid-19 when assessing all applications. So, if your plans or activities have been changed or delayed, please tell us about this in your application form.

Learning programmes: We hope our learning programmes will be a mix of face to face and online delivery.

The deadline for applications is 30th September 2022.

Top tips for applying

1. Read the guidance notes carefully before starting your online application.
2. We recommend applying early, so we can help you if you have questions.
3. If you want to include a governing document, your accounts or any additional documents in your application (these are all optional), save them in the format “FirstnameSurnameAccounts.doc” so they are ready to attach.

The Wigan Social Innovators in Health and Wellbeing programme, in partnership with The School for Social Entrepreneurs, supports people who have, or who are going to set up, an organisation or project for social benefit which encourages more people to cycle and / or walk in Wigan.

We know you may not have everything in place yet. Please try to answer all the questions as fully as possible. If you don’t know something, please say this or write “N/A” rather than leaving the box blank.



  • Are you currently declared bankrupt, or under a Debt Relief Order?
  • Are you barred from acting as a company director or charity trustee?
  • Do you have an unspent conviction for fraud?
  • Have you or anyone else from your project previously applied to The School for Social Entrepreneurs?

  • (Maximum 500 words)• - What are your main reasons for setting up or being involved in this project? - What motivates you? - What led you to this point? - Do you have any experience of the issues you are seeking to address? Anything else you'd like to add?
  • (Maximum 300 words)

  • Please put 'N/A' if not yet named
  • Please upload or email us your governing documents (for example, your Constitution or Articles) when you submit your application at the end of this form.
  • In this section we are interest to know: - What are the needs and issues you are addressing? - What will your project do? - What activities will be available? - How does/will it make a differerence? - Who are your main beneficiaries and how many? - Who else is involved in the project as staff/volunteers etc? - What research have you done? - Pilot projects/trails? - Anything else you want to tell us?

  • Please include grants or other funding, trading, sponsorship, loans. Please put N/A if you are not yet trading.
  • Including grants or other funding, trading, sponsorship, loans. If none, please state.
    If YES, please upload them at the end of this application. If you don't have these, you are still eligible to apply.
  • For example, will you sell products or services, will you apply for grants, seek donations or other? Have you had any funds committed yet?
  • • Have you answered all the questions on the form? • Have you checked that you meet all of the eligibility criteria? • Have you uploaded your governing document below, if you have one? • Have you uploaded your accounts, if you have them? Please upload any documents below. Please note each upload button will allow for one file only- uploading more than one will override previous uploads. Please save all documents to show your name, to your own device and keep for your own records, for example, “FirstnameSurnameAccounts.doc”. If you have any problems or wish to send us anything additional at a later date, please email [email protected]