Building Traded Income

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Building Traded Income is a practical, fun and fast-moving training session. The session covers an introduction to different trading models and uses a technique for mapping out the economic engine and customer base to build a sustainable, non-grant dependant traded income stream. The session covers how to approach and communicate your business model with an approach that secures customers for the right reasons.

The session aims to generate innovative ideas for business models looking for social and environmental impact alongside generating income from selling products or services.

Building Traded Income focuses at these two groups:

  • Established organisations looking to grow their income through trading and selling products or services, moving away from grant funding.
  • Pre-start and start-up social ventures who want to think about and refine their trading model for success.

We’ll take you through a step by step process of ideation for your business idea, through to creating your business model and transferring these steps into actions following the course. We’ll consider how to approach that first sale to test your model, alongside, looking at how to market test your business model.

“This training really helped me to develop my trading model, it helped me to focus in on who my customers actually are and how I needed to position my social enterprise to secure my first customers.”

What you’ll learn from this course

You’ll learn how to consider different trading models for your social enterprise which are not grant dependent. You’ll learn how to market test your idea with a minimal viable product.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Feel more confident of success with a clearly defined business model
  • The ability to communicate your proposed business model
  • Know what next steps you need to take to build a sustainable business model
  • Better understand the social or environment challenge you’re looking to tackle and where your biggest impact might be found
  • You’ll have a solid approach for ideation development and how to spot an innovative solution to difficult challenges.
  • Have some more skills for applying creative design thinking to your social enterprise.

Who should attend

Anyone keen to learn how to build a sustainable and customer focussed social enterprise or trading entity.

Location and price

All our learning will be taking place in live online sessions until further notice.

Joining details will be emailed to you in the run up to the workshop.

Dates and Timings

The course runs over two consecutive mornings 09.30am -12.30pm.

  • 23rd & 24 January 2024

Course facilitator

“Simon is very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed his training session. It saved us from going down the wrong track with our organisation.  We came away with some great ideas for shaping our business model.”

The course will be delivered by Simon Pickering of Dot to Dot Training and Consulting, founded in 2015 to specifically to provide support to the VCSE Sector (Voluntary Community Social Enterprise). Dot to Dot support organisations to improve their effectiveness, income and better demonstrate their social impact. Simon Pickering has over 20 years’ experience in the social enterprise space. Dot to Dot have supported hundreds of organisations through their training, consultancy and coaching offering.


For this one day workshop plus all course materials you pay:

Organisational turnover less than £50,000 or individuals unattached to an organisation £89
Organisational turnover £50,000 – £99,999 £109
Organisational turnover £100,000 – £499,999 £129
Organisational turnover £500,000 – £1m £169
Organisational turnover £1m + £199

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Please note our terms and conditions: we can offer a full refund provided you give us at least 7 days’ notice (within 7 days you can substitute the participant for someone else).  

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