Black Social Entrepreneurs England

Applications have now closed

The Black Social Entrepreneurs Programme in England is a free support programme run by the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The Black Social Entrepreneurs Programme can help you if you have set up a social enterprise and need help to increase your income and impact in the year ahead.

You will get:

  • Regular learning sessions
  • Facilitated group work
  • Virtual Action Learning sets
  • 1:1 support from a PwC mentor
  • PwC Masterclasses
  • Access to a thriving network of Black social entrepreneurs
  • £1000 grant

When is it?

The programme will begin in September and last for six months. It will be delivered online and in-person – locations to be announced soon.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • We are looking for fellows of SSE who are Black Social Entrepreneurs who are committed to making a social impact in England
  • Please apply if you live in England and are a Black social entrepreneur who is leading a project or organisation, which has a social or environmental purpose, aiming to improve the lives of Black communities in England

Overall eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this programme, the majority of your beneficiaries must be from Black communities in England

You should be able to answer “YES” to the following questions:

•You are a fellow of SSE (i.e. You are a graduate of a previous long duration SSE programme)

•You are, or identify as, a Black social entrepreneur leader

•You are over 16 years

•You have the right to work in the UK

•You are a fellow of SSE or a PwC Club member

•You are resident in England

•Your key beneficiaries are in England and your social enterprise is focused on benefitting Black communities in England

•Your project has a social or environmental purpose

•You have a DBS if you are working with children or vulnerable adults as an individual, and if you are part of a larger organisation, your organisation has a safeguarding policy(we will ask for copies)

Still unsure if it’s right for you?  Contact us on on [email protected].