5 Rules For Authentic, Mission-Led Brands

16 Dec 2019

What does your brand say about you?

What does your brand say about you?

Does it reflect all the care, hard work and expertise you put into your project or is it in fact undermining it?

Brand expert and SSE facilitator, Holly Whelan has 5 rules that any mission-led brand should be following to ensure to give an authentic representation of themselves.

Holly Whelan has over 25 years of experience working in consumer, corporate and social marketing. She has managed several multi-billion dollar brands, including, Comfort, Flora, Persil and the Unilever corporate brand, and set up her own social enterprise 5 years ago. Holly has a broad sector experience ranging from start-ups and social enterprise through to corporates and large global charities.

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1. Know what you stand for and your role in the world

Can you simply & succinctly describe what difference you want to make in the world, and what is the specific contribution you and your organisation are making?

2. Your public facing mission must be real and achievable

Is what you are saying true and believable? What can you do to demonstrate your impact so people trust you?

3. Know your target audience and appeal specifically to them

What defines your specific target audience and why they would be interested in what you offer? Are you being too broad or specific in your approach?

4. Respect regulations, the law and key opinion-formers

What rules do you need to follow to ensure the continued trust of your audience?

5. Authenticity means consistency

Are you living your brand mission and values in every aspect of  how your organisation operates?

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This post features guest content by Holly Whelan, founder of Younger Lives CIC and created by Charlie Wright, SSE’s Marketing and Engagement Officer.