How to stay motivated when times are tough

Our top tips on staying positive

Anyone else feel like January should be over now? It’s been ages since the merriment of Christmas, your new year’s enthusiasm is gone, and it’s raining every time you leave the house. Even when you’re a social entrepreneur doing work with an amazing impact, it’s easy for the January blues to leave you feeling sluggish at work.

So how can we keep the work motivation up? We asked the staff at SSE Central…

‘It’s easy to stay inside all day, but if I get my body working then my brain works better too. If you work in an office, don’t feel guilty about taking your full lunch break – it’ll keep you sane.’
Marta Zukowska, SSE programme manager

‘I work from home most of the time, but always shower, eat breakfast and get dressed as if I were going to work. I have the radio on all day too, and the hourly news helps me keep track of my day. I get moral support by regularly checking in with a friend who also works at home – we motivate each other! This year I’m trying to organise all my external meetings in chunks. That way I can have one full day out, and the next working at home. It really helps me be more productive.’
Leonie Jarrett, SSE strategic project manager

‘I like to take a step back and map out my longer term goals. Research shows we’re most motivated to complete goals that are moderately difficult, but not overwhelming. When I see mine set out in achievable chunks, I’m far more motivated to get going.’
Lee Robinson, SSE monitoring, evaluation & research manager

‘It’s always said, but I keep drinking water. I feel refreshed at the end of the week knowing I haven’t over caffeinated myself with tea and coffee.’
Faban Fitsum, SSE national programmes administrator

‘I like to start something new. Especially in winter when it can feel a bit ‘bleugh’. I started yoga over a year ago and have continued – with huge benefits to my motivation at work.’
Amber Sorrell, SSE programme manager

Here are the top tips from our community of social entrepreneurs…

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