Apply now to the Community Business Trade Up Programme 2019-20

How to apply

The deadline for this programme is 1pm, Thursday 14th February. We recommend applying in good time ahead of the deadline, so we can help you if you have any problems or questions.

Step 1: Read the guidance notes

Download and read the guidance notes. They contain everything you need to know about the programme, the eligibility criteria and the application process – including the questions in the online application form.

Download the guidance notes

If you require this guidance to be sent to you in large print, braille or an audio transcript, please email

Step 2: Prepare your documents

Prepare the relevant documents to complete the application form. Here’s what you’ll need to upload:

  1. Your most recent annual accounts, if available (full accounts, not abbreviated; draft accounts are acceptable if final accounts not yet available)
  2. Your income and expenditure for the current financial year, and budget for the next year
  3. Your governing document (e.g. constitution / articles / partnership agreement / rules)

Step 3: Apply online

You apply online for this programme, and it should take around an hour. You can save and return to your online application whenever you want – just remember to bookmark the page and note down your password!

We’ve also emailed you this information, so you can find the link to this page again easily in your inbox.

I’m ready to apply!

Please choose your preferred SSE school and delivery location below.

Cornwall (SSE Cornwall)

Bristol (SSE Dartington)

Winchester (SSE Hampshire)

Liverpool (SSE North West)

London (SSE London)

Midlands (SSE Midlands)

York (SSE Yorkshire & North East)

Have more questions?

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