Eurydice Caldwell, Gener8te

Social Entrepreneur Founder of Gener8te

We had a chat with Eurydice, founder of Gener8te after she took part in our London Fellowship Programme back in 2015.

What does your social enterprise do?

Gener8te empowers people, especially those with dyslexia, to achieve their educational goals, creative ambitions, professional and business aspirations and personal dreams, more effortlessly.  We provide simple and practical dyslexic friendly coaching and training. In conjunction, Gener8te coaches and trains educators, businesses and parents to become dyslexic friendly.

Why are you passionate about this cause?

My story begins and ends in school. My passion comes from my experience of education as a dyslexic person, being kept in at playtime to rewrite work. This experience, alongside dyslexia training later in life, is the inspiration that fuelled the determination to help others transform their lives.

What was your biggest challenge in starting your social enterprise?

My biggest challenge has been getting out of my own way. I have had to learn to truly believe in myself even when I was totally out of my comfort zone. This was done through the support of the network of SSE fellows and mentors along with the brilliance of the facilitators at SSE and the ALS sessions. I was convinced I have what it takes to achieve my dreams on my own terms.

How has the School for Social Entrepreneurs supported you?

SSE has helped cement my path to being a social entrepreneur. I learnt about the what skills I had, and what I needed to develop in order to achieve my aspiration.

SSE enabled me to develop a network of inspiring social entrepreneurs and support. Also, they helped me become a more active learner and access a broad range of support and opportunities, which has all been hugely valuable I feel the personal contact has been most valuable with SSE staff and facilitators, fellows and mentors.

What would your advice be to a budding social entrepreneur?

Do what you truly have a passion for; ‘love what you do, do what you love’.

Surround yourself with people who know how and are willing to advise and support you, are inspiring and believe in you.

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