10 empowering quotes for women in business

21 Jun 2019

We’re seeing more and more women leading their own social enterprises, as evidenced in our latest impact evaluation. Two-thirds of the social entrepreneurs on our biggest UK programme are women or trans women. This means that SSE outperforms the sector in championing female leaders, as 40% of UK social enterprises are led by women, according to research by Social Enterprise UK. But navigating the business world, which has historically been led by men, can still be a challenge.

Check out these 10 empowering quotes from SSE staff and students to remind you that you’re exactly where you belong.

Sam Moore, SSE student & founder of Wild Tipi

“There is always a way to make your dreams become a reality, the path may not always be an easy one but just keep going being brave and resilient. Listen to your gut and always do something that sets your soul on fire.”

Amy Barbor, network manager, SSE

” ‘Women in business’ is a very broad generalisation. There will be BAME women in business, women with disabilities in business, and many more whose needs will be different from other women in business. Make sure you acknowledge this and don’t assume all other women in business will have the same experience as you. And if you hear someone else making that assumption, put them straight. Read books by other women in business or other women who are leaders, or just other women in general.”

Quote from Amy Barbor, SSE network manager, about being a women in business

“Train yourself to be resilient – physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Gemma Kempthorpe, SSE student & founder of RoseHip Yoga

“Check your inner compass regularly to ensure the business you are building is aligned with your principles and is sailing in the direction of your dreams.”

Dion Johnson, empowerment coach – a top tip loved by Jess Holliland, partnership development associate, SSE Dartington

“Know your worth! For decades men have been in the position to slide the metaphorical (or literal) envelope across the table with their asking price, while women have been content to simply be offered a place at the table. We need to remember that if they are asking us to join them then they want what we have – they know our your value so make sure they know you do too.”

Jane Nicholls, SSE student & founder of Memorophilia

“Be yourself and listen to your heart. Don’t resist the evolution of your ideas; embrace it.”

Joanne Le Good, SSE student & founder of Craft Lab Arts

“Take the first step. You may have a great idea but it’s only an idea till you do something about it.  No matter how little the step, take it!”

Kathy King, SSE student & founder of Wild, Wonder and Wisdom

“Let things take their natural course, you can’t force it.  You may end up somewhere slightly different to where you had planned but it’s all an adventure.”


By SSE Central’s communications coordinator, Henna Patel. Follow her on twitter, @hennadp

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