The 7th issue of Shine ALOUD Magazine is out

6 Apr 2016

This issue discusses the topic of Self-Love and Confidence; with the aim of encouraging young people to develop a better sense love. In a climate of instant gratification and social media obsession, young people can often be more concerned about the superficial aspects of life, such a physical appearance and materialistic possessions, instead of the quality of life and real people.

Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with the idea of not being good enough for a job or a partner, not feeling confident enough to speak about how they really feel, or maybe not feeling great about how they look.

Loving yourself isn’t just about loving what’s on the outside, but more importantly about loving who you are inside and out – this is exactly what we want to communicate to our audience. This issue aims to help any young person feel better, do better and ultimately be better in their personal and professional life.

The magazine provides some useful content on being assertive, power dressing, pleasure, managing personal hygiene and more. The publication also contains useful information for young people on services they can access to overcome any health challenges they, or a friend, may be facing.

Shine ALOUD UK is a youth led social enterprise that educates, entertains and empowers young people aged 15 – 24 to make informed choices and decisions regarding sex and relationships. They use interactive media and peer led training to change the perceptions and behaviours of young people.
For more information on what they do check out their site or email them via [email protected] .