Tales of Passion and Purpose in Turbulent Times

22 Mar 2023

When was there a greater need for social enterprise than during the past year? Limping from COVID, the UK is struggling to deliver public services in a fragile economy. People here and around the world strive to afford the necessities of life as extreme weather impacts the most vulnerable. Through all this, SSE fellows, and those who support them, continue to stand up to the challenges and do their work.

“As a community we have delivered services, created jobs, and, above all, made a positive difference to the lives and wellbeing of thousands in need.”

Richard Collier-Keywood
Chair of Trustees

This report shares inspiring stories of people devising and delivering new solutions to local and global challenges. We supported 1,420 Leaders of social change from March 2021 to March 2022. These social entrepreneurs in turn supported 1,610,000 beneficiaries.

This work was achieved as our organisation restructured, reaffirmed our common values and continued to increase our capacity through digital transformation.


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