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20 Oct 2023

Linklaters Social Impact Project 2024 – Can global business professionals help you overcome your social enterprise hurdles?

Linklaters have a cohort of 20 business professionals who are looking to support an SSE Fellow through a business-related challenge they are facing. This, for example, could be (but not limited to) marketing/finding new customers, product research, impact measurement, HR or competitor/partner analysis. Social Entrepreneurs will come away with solutions and recommendations personalised to them, their organisation, and their needs.

How it works:

The Linklaters professionals and SSE Fellows will work together between January and April 2024. They will need to attend three online meetings which will be facilitated by an SSE facilitator.

Meeting 1 will take place in January and will be an opportunity to hear more about your social enterprise and the challenges you are facing, as well as learn about the skills and experience of the Linklaters group and how they can help you.

Meeting 2 in February will be a check-in with the group to ask any clarifying questions and hear an update on their work so far.

Meeting 3 in March/April will be a presentation from the Linklaters group on their recommendations and an action plan moving forward.

What last year’s social entrepreneurs said about the programme:

“It was amazing to have a team of four people spend their time and energy researching and producing ideas for my business. It was like having extra resources and volunteers working for the team. They have clarified areas and come up with new suggestions that I doubt we would have arrived at by ourselves”.

“It has been excellent. I’d highly recommend it, the process and the team to anyone who’s fortunate enough to be offered it. Honestly, can’t thank you enough as there’s been so much that come out of it that’s practical and that I/we can implement now – but also looking at the financial and structural longer-term, bigger picture of it too (which I find harder to do, but that is essential)”.

“The Linklaters team was amazing. The effort they put into understanding my goals, providing useful slides for me to work with, and explaining and giving me feedback has been gold dust and it was a truly positive and uplifting program, Thank you Linklaters!“

“It was like an amazing ALS session. It got my/our brains working as an organisation in our interim meetings, which has helped to springboard new things for us too. But the fact that I could share it and the team went away and came back with real, tangible, and practical guidance has been superb.”

How to get involved:

Applications are now being received for the next programme starting in January. The deadline to apply is 1pm, Thursday 30th November 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Fliss at [email protected]

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