Happy 5th birthday SSE Scotland

1 May 2017

Social entrepreneur years are a bit like dog years – you need to multiply them by seven to grasp the scale of quite how much blood, sweat and tears go into making an organisation sustainable.

And as of today, over at SSE Scotland, the indomitable and truly terrific Tracey Muirhead has been pouring in blood, sweat and tears with equal parts laughter, passion and empathy for five whole years. (Which is basically the equivalent of 35 years in social-enterprise-dog-years… maybe this metaphor is getting a little stretched… I’ll just stop now.)

We’re huge fans of Tracey here at SSE Central, and we are delighted to wish SSE Scotland a very happy fifth birthday today! What an awesome milestone.

SSE’s CEO Alastair Wilson says: “A very happy fifth birthday to SSE Scotland! You don’t look a day past four-and-three-quarters. It’s a joy working with Tracey – not least because we secretly know we are building a Scottish social entrepreneurship powerhouse from our respective ends of the UK! Tracey is an absolute firecracker and I thank her on behalf of all the SSE family for the incredible work she’s done supporting social entrepreneurs across Scotland.

“Tracey and all involved with SSE Scotland have had a remarkable impact on the development of the social enterprise sector in Scotland. I’m always impressed by the incredible social entrepreneurs and individuals the school connects and empowers to create change. Congratulations to Tracey and SSE Scotland, and I look forward to raising a glass with you again in another five years’ time!”

We asked Tracey to share a few words to mark the occasion: “When SSE Scotland was set up five years ago, little did we know how working with our amazing students, fellows, supporters, individuals and organisations could shape our organisation, which now supports people shaping Scotland’s communities.

“Our vision was to recycle the knowledge gained by students and I’m pleased to say our fellows return and share real experiences of creating social change in Scotland. I’m proud that SSE Scotland has been a force in connecting so many people on a learning journey, transforming communities– and I look forward to many years more!”

Hear hear Tracey – us too!