Camden Council Pop-Up Shop Project

31 May 2018

Camden Council have contacted us with an opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists and community groups to use vacant council-owned premises in the borough, bringing life and activity to formerly under-utilised spaces. There is no cost and premises can be used for anything between three days and three months.

Currently they are seeking proposals for 44 Ashdown Crescent in Gospel Oak and 18 Malden Road in Kentish Town. Details below…


Opportunity for social enterprises

Camden Council’s Economic Development team works with local business groups and other organisations to provide free and reduced-cost space for entrepreneurs, artists and start-ups.

The pop-up shop project aims to:

  • Offer free or reduced-cost space for local entrepreneurs, artists and community groups to try out new ideas and/or reach new audiences
  • Increase footfall and attract new visitors to the borough’s retail spaces by providing a range of exciting businesses, activities and exhibitions
  • Reduce the visual impact of empty property in local neighbourhoods
  • Generate publicity for Camden’s retail spaces
  • Showcase empty property to potential commercial tenants

The offer to tenants: The Council pays for the rates and utilities for the period of occupation. The pop-up shop spaces are offered for anything from three days to three months and can be used for exhibitions, events, retail and other activities. The space can be used on a part-time or full-time basis depending on demand and we welcome more than one individual or group occupying the space at the same time.

Got an idea for a pop-up shop? We’re open to suggestions! One of the aims of the scheme is to provide businesses, artists and community groups with free or reduced-cost space to try out new things in Camden.
Please note: The only exception are activities that will contravene planning or licensing regulations or that are in conflict with council objectives.

Conditions of use: Tenants will be expected to:

  • Have public liability insurance for up to £5 million to cover their use of the premises (our advice is that such insurance shouldn’t cost any more than approx. £150)*
  • Return the premises in the same condition they receive them in and make good any damage
  • Ensure the shop is occupied and open during core business hours throughout the exhibition/event/retail experience (although exceptions can be negotiated for set-up, Sundays, private views etc.)
  • Acknowledge Council support and include the Camden logo on all publicity and marketing materials relating to the tenancy; and
  • Provide photos and evaluation information at the end of tenancy.

*Public liability insurance: Public Liability insurance covers any award of damages to members of
the public because of injury or damage to their property caused by you. This type of insurance is
offered by all major insurers.

Want to get involved? Email us a short (one side max.) proposal that includes details on:

  • Who you are and what you or your business/organisation does
  • Contacts (phone, email, website)
  • Any other groups/organisations you’re involved with
  • How you plan to use the pop-up shop
  • Your experience of delivering similar projects and/or examples of previous work
  • The target audience for the planned use and the expected visitor numbers
  • Planned opening times / use times
  • The date from which you would like to use the shop; and
  • How long you would like to use a space for.

Proposals should be emailed to [email protected]

Selection Criteria: We will favour proposals that:

  • Are appropriate for the shop and surrounding area
  • Will attract visitors and increase footfall in the area
  • Offer benefit to local residents and/or businesses
  • Generate positive publicity for the area
  • Ensure the shop is open during regular business hours
  • Are not in conflict with Council objectives and do not contravene planning and
    licensing guidelines; and
  • Are from organisations, businesses or individuals based in Camden.
  • Proposals that are flexible around timing, duration and location are also more likely to be

Please note: One objective of the pop-up shop project is to find commercial tenants for
vacant council-owned properties. There is therefore a risk that pop-up shops may need to
close at fairly short notice if a long-term commercial tenant is identified.

Get in touch:
E: [email protected]
P: 0207 974 1928